Versatility belongs to Statuarietto marble

Statuarietto marble is quarried in Carrara. It has a medium-fine grain and the texture is characterised by its light grey veins on a milky-white background. If Statuario marble is appreciated for the brilliance of its cool white background and the delicate texture of its grey veins, Statuarietto is loved because of the energy and life which it is able to communicate to contemporary interior design projects. As soon as Statuario is very expansive, the Statuarietto embodies a perfect arrangement between cost and breathless results.

Statuarietto: contemporary marble

Thanks to its dynamic texture, Statuarietto marble can be an excellent partner for projects of modern interior design. Its secret lies in its capability of giving a feeling of exclusiveness and luxury, without being too strong. In the kitchen, one of the most important room of the house, Statuarietto can be declined in many, exclusive solutions. In this project by Pane, Acqua e Architettura this marble has been used to cover the drawers’ doors located under the wooden worktop. The match is very refined and it becomes a unique leitmotiv able to create a glamorous feeling of originality and beauty. Thanks to the thinness of the slabs, the opening and the closing of the drawers is easy and fast.