Luxury Kitchens with Marble

Authentic and Italian Luxury kitchens starting with the countertop!

What makes a kitchen authentically luxurious? Without a doubt it’s the magical blend of exclusive materials, design and functionality. Countertops are among the most important elements of a kitchen not only in terms of their functionality but also design concept, given the dimensions, that influence the style and beauty surrounding it.
Marble gives every kitchen a touch of luxury.
Marble used for tabletops and Luxury bathroom inserts represents an iconic cornerstone in the history of Italian design. If we can still marvel at marble’s little works of art, this is thanks to its capacity to endure over time, to resist wear and tear, variations in temperature and survive staining caused by humidity and acidic substances. Aesthetic versatility is yet another important characteristic of marble capable of transforming a plain kitchen into a luxurious one. A classic example being its vast range of colors from white Carrara marble (popular with the most exclusive bathrooms) to the yellow of Yellow Siena, from the deep green of Green Guatemala Marble to the various shades of grey of Imperial Bardiglio.

Luxurious kitchens thanks to the toughness of Marble and Natural Stones

There are then a variety of cuts (absolutely breathtaking is the open stain cut technique creating a mirror image of the veining donning the kitchen with that unique sense of luxury) and stone-working, and let’s not forget that each slab has its own characteristics that makes it one of a kind.

Made in Italy label

Among the many natural stones with travertine, that can be used for countertops, a true historical gem is granite which is both elegant and an ideal “work-mate.” This natural stone is highly resistant to impact while scratches and abrasions are hardly visible in the lighter shades. It is also resistant to chemical agents, solvents and detergents and resistant to liquids.


The particular grain and its color combinations are many thus enhancing the surroundings with beautiful surfaces and highlighting other colors in the kitchen making it joyous and full of life. It is no coincidence that granite is being used in smaller bathrooms to add that something extra and to make them more livable with truly original solutions.

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