luxury marble bathrooms

Italian Luxury Marble Bathrooms

Luxury marble bathrooms are an expression of exclusiveness, originality and love for nature and her beauty.
The concept of luxury bathrooms is primarily linked to not only to the actual cost of the raw material but also to the cost of installation which can vary considerably. Having said this, the notion of luxury bathrooms ties in with other exclusive characteristics. Here are just a few…
Luxury bathrooms as an expression of one’s personality.
Natural stone is a unique material. Each slab, even if from the same block, is different from the rest and can don true “luxury” to bathrooms for the simple reason they are one of a kind. The many natural stones (travertine, marble, onyx and slate) and the different ways of processing them can truly bring to life desires of those immersed in such an environment leading to innovative cut-to-size solutions.
Classic luxury bathrooms versus modern luxury bathrooms.
Thanks to natural stone, luxury bathrooms can indeed take on any style. If you’re looking for a classic style, then the light-colored marbles of White Carrara is your choice while Onyx with its translucent hues shroud the environment with warmth and elegance. Typically the walls and flooring of luxury bathrooms are covered in natural stone and often with inlaid patterns to give it depth and life.

True luxury bathrooms

The natural stones commonly chosen for the more modern luxury bathrooms are often of a darker shade. Even for wall coverings the tendency is to create a play of colors with a diversity of materials like resin, bronze or wood. While lighting for the more classical style bathrooms aims to be as natural as possible, for the more modern style the lighting is mellower, enthralling and shed from different spots.

Luxury bathrooms as a way of being surrounded by nature

Luxury bathrooms in natural stone are so by definition because they are in full harmony with nature since we are dealing with living, breathing materials that are amazingly healthy. Moreover, it goes without saying that natural stone is totally ecofriendly bringing together aesthetic properties that respect the delicate balance of our planet.

Modern luxury bathrooms

Under luxury bathrooms we have mentioned beautyoriginalitynature and flexible solutions. One further reason of exclusiveness is the service offered by VENETIAN GOLD for classic, modern and luxury bathrooms. From the choice of materials to design to processing assistance, you can count on us being there. Even when it comes to maintenance VENETIAN GOLD will stand by its clients with precious advice and winning solutions to help keep the stone work in optimal condition even over the years.

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