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Marble for interior design luxury projects

Luxurious interiors aren’t only precious for the materials used but also for the attention placed on design and exclusive stonework.
Natural stone in itself is not enough to create a charming atmosphere. Attention to detailmatching materials and the expertise to fully maximize the chromatic and material properties of the element are fundamental. As proof we bring you our idea of luxurious interiors Furniture from a project realized for a private client of ours in northern Italy. We would like to point out the choice of materials and their synergy, the effort that went into designing and completing the project carried out by our highly qualified craftsmen.
Marble’s silver thread for living
In order to create harmony between the kitchen and living areas we chose to work with the diversity of hues in Calacatta, a precious and sought after Italian marble from the quarries of Carrara. Calacatta presents veining of different colors on a crystal white base, from the yellow-gold of Calacatta Gold to the mint-green of Calacatta and ivory-beige of Calacatta Cream.
For our luxurious interior we chose Calacatta Cream for the kitchen counter to match the beige wood flooring of the dining room and living room. Furthermore, the beige allows the fireplace elements to stand out thanks to the yellow-gold veining of Calacatta Gold.

A state-of-the-art master bathroom

The bathroom like the kitchen has always essentially been a utility room. However, this has changed. The bathroom has become an exclusive environment dedicated to one’s well-being, beauty care and relaxation. For the luxury interiors of the master bathroom project we chose Honey Onyx, a very charming and unique stone due to its delicately dynamic colors. This was employed for the sink countersthe wall behind the mirror and baseboards that contrasts with the wood flooring’s dark colors. Honey Onyx’s color has two important functions.

Made in Italy label

Firstly, it gives off a feeling of utmost peace and relaxation to the environment thanks to its soft cozy nuances and secondly, it maintains that silver lining with the interior of the house to educe that feeling of balance and harmony all in one.
Built by our state-of-the-art craftsmen, the guest bathroom was enhanced with beautiful Calacatta Caldia marble with its mint-green veining against a delicate white-crystalline base.

A meticulous job for the guest bathroom

In order to highlight this stone and don the interior with a true feel of luxury, the decor and basin counter  were made in Green Guatemala marble. This marble, which is very common for interiors given its bold and intense colors, highlights the veining of Caldia creating an interesting play of lights. This job did present some difficulties namely in the inlay work between the marbles requiring patience and expertise during installation which was carried out rigorously by hand for a one-of-a kind and exclusive effect.

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