modern travertine floors

Modern Travertine Floors

Decorating classic or modern interiors with Travertine is beautiful, original and timeless. This stone can enhance with style design and interior beauty.
Travertine is a calcite, a sedimentary rock whose color is given by the oxides contained within during its transformation. Its color can vary from milky white to walnut to shades of red and yellow. Plant and animal fossils can often be found inside blocks of Travertine.
It’s been used in construction since the 1st century B.C. The Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain and the Colonnade of Saint Peter’s Square in Rome are the most important Italian monuments made of this material. Nowadays this stone is widely used for floorings and wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens. These are the material’s pros and cons.

The advantages of Travertine flooring

Needless to say, how striking Travertine floors look. The texture, the subtle play of light and dark hues, soft cozy colors lend originality to every solution and lend character to any kind of interior or exterior decor. Travertine is tough and durable, resistant to scratchescracks and damage from falling objects and ideal for floor coverings, it’s luxury flooring. It can last forever without ever losing its beauty if properly cared for. If travertine is used as a floor covering for kitchens, it can be honed, polished or brushed thereby allowing the designer and architect to create more personalized decorative solutions. Travertine is characterized by a pocked surface which can either be honed or polished for a smoother finish ideal for bathroom floorings. Another advantage is the fact that Travertine is extracted from Italian quarries and its price is lower than other prestigious stones like marble and granite.

The disadvantages of Travertine flooring

Travertine tiles tend to be quite heavy. This difficulty can be diminished by reducing the thickness of the tiles thus making them lighter. Like any natural stone, Travertine is an excellent conductor of heat, but doesn’t tend to hold on to it for long.

Choose VENETIAN GOLD for your modern Travertine flooring

Every natural stone that VENETIAN GOLD has to offer its clients comes from the best quarries in Italy and around the world which allows us to bring you the most beautiful and precious materials for interiors (entrances, bathroomskitchens, living rooms) and exteriors. Along with raw materials of the highest quality, the company also offers highly experienced and knowledgeable professional service in design and decor that stands by its clients every step of the way from the design phase so that we can suggest and you can choose the right product and the best solutions for cutting and installing the material to achieve the most inspiring results. So, if you’re thinking about a floor in Travertine or any other natural stone, VENETIAN GOLD is your ideal partner for that state-of-the-art project of your dreams.

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