Marinace Black: beauty comes from the river

Marinace Black: beauty comes from the river

Marinace is a conglomerate made by pebbles of different dimensions (polymictic) which is usually included into the granite typology because of its strength and its resistance to use. Its amazing chromatic peculiarity, which springs from its light coloured and rounded spots standing against a dark base, is due to the fact that it lies into the rivers bed and it is the result of many thousand years of work by water and stream.

The Marinace is mined in Brazil and it is ideal to reach unique results for decorations and finishing as well as furniture, floors and coverings both for inside and outside solutions.

Details means true difference

New York: in the interior design space designed by the architects of Pane, Acqua e Architettura, the floor which is entirely realized in Calacatta Caldia marble is crossed by a splendid band of Marinace Black that links the horizontal and the vertical dimensions, including also the fire place.

The opposition between the waving uniformity of the Calacatta marble and the lively spots of light of the Marinace Black is captivating. Uniformity and harmony is given also by the colours of the furniture which recalls the ones of the granite. Already at the first glance, the composition feels perfect, thus inviting the observer with a luxurious comfort.