When marble becomes art

marmo Giallo Siena

When marble becomes art

The Giallo Siena Nuvolato marble is recognisable from its yellow base which is made heterogeneous by its veins ranging from the ivory white and golden yellow to the deep red.

This marble comes exclusively from caves which are located into the Siena district. It is very resistant, easy to maintain and it offers true originality to every project since every slab is different and not reproducible.

Art à Porter project

Art à Porter is the new MILLENOVE89 kitchen project which is dedicated to art. The idea springs from the reproduction of a Giorgione masterpiece, The Sunset, made in bigger proportions so to cover one single wall (and all the household appliances). The island stands on the front of the wall and it is made of golden metal and Giallo Siena Nuvolato marble. The magic synergy between the island and the reproduced painting comes from the chromatic harmonies and from the high evocative power of the marble, given by the light game of its changing veneering.

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