Contemporary art in natural stone

Contemporary art in natural stone

The marvellous artwork of art by Craig Copeland “Embrace” has been displayed at the exhibition “Soul of the City”, organised for the 52th edition of Marmomac in Verona. Both for the originality of this masterpiece and for the amazing beauty of the stones used, which have been supplied by our parent company Ca’ D’ORO S.p.A., we are glad to host this work into our blog.

Soul of the City: ‘Embrace’ by Craig Copeland

The concept for Copeland’s “Embrace” emerged from the intention of creating an inviting, restful gathering place ‘embraced’ in marble. At the same time, the goal was to express a more contemporary way to shape and lighten the marble defining the place.

The primary components of “Embrace” are two convex, concave curving walls of natural stone – one in White Carrara marble, the other with Picasso Green quartzite. Together they define what is both a passage and seating area. Each wall is composed of 40, hyperbolic panels supported by a steel frame with a corten finish. A series of modular white and green stone chairs echo the inner geometry of frames and walls. The entire structure sits on a pavement of polished Fantastic Black granite.

From hand sketches, 3D computer drawings, diamond wire cutting, finally hand finishing and assembling, the complete process of design to fabrication and installation has included both traditional and the most contemporary technologies.

“Embrace’s” collective and figurative form suggests many visual metaphors. Walls encircling a public plaza, a shake of two hands, an opening and closing tulip… metaphors of invitation, metaphors of embrace.