PICASSO: velvety resistance

quarzite verde

PICASSO: velvety resistance

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From quarries in the heart of Persia comes green quartzite Picasso. Warm and velvety to the touch, traces of gold, grey and white blending with delicate hues on a base of striated green.

Green quartzite is a natural material composed of quartz, resins and pigments. While being very resistant to external agents, it is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. This material is ideal for both indoor (kitchen working-surfaces, floors, coverings, dining and coffee tables) and outdoor use.

Its range of colours and patterns guarantee a high degree of personalised customization making it unique and adding a special touch of originality to its surroundings.

Picasso’s weight per unit of volume is 3007 kg/cm3, its abrasion resistance is 21,3 mm and 0,2% moisture absorption.

A Design element for living rooms: Picasso is a highly versatile natural stone. Very powerful is its use in large pieces of furniture since its optical warmness and its brilliant golden and white veins give off light and bring to life every kind of furnishing.