Unique projects in natural stone

Unique projects in natural stone

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VENETIAN GOLD is born out of the love for natural stone;  the beauty and uniqueness it dons to whatever is created. A new brand by Ca’ D’ORO; an internationally consolidated reality in the field of natural stone. The company supplies all kinds of natural stone on top of the many services linked to design, cutting and installing.

Design support: thanks to a prestigious team of interior decorators, VENETIAN GOLD can offer the utmost in terms of professionalism to architects and designers during the creation of their works. Besides creative ideas and innovative solutions, the company is an important reference point for choosing the right stone with the right physical and mechanical properties.

The cutting phase:  VENETIAN GOLD’s deep knowledge of stone allows for an exeptional cut, both with regards to the optimization of the block and to keeping with the exactness of the designed measures. The company will provide shipping the material, whether cut or uncut, anywhere in the world.

Installation: VENETIAN GOLD has its own craftsmen who are also available to work abroad. For those who wish, the company can choose installation craftsmen on site or can work together with the installers chosen by the client.

VENETIAN GOLD wants to be not only a supplier in the eyes of its clients, but also an experienced and efficient partner willing to share its experience and the glory of its collection of natural stones with designers and  architects alike to create a work which is truly unique and perfect.